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SEPA Direct Debit

SEPA Core Direct Debit

The SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme applies to transactions in euro. The debtor and creditor must each hold an account with a credit institution located within SEPA; the credit institutions executing the direct debit transaction must be scheme participants.

SEPA B2B Direct Debit

The SEPA Business to Business Direct Debit Scheme (B2B) will be the basis for the development of products catering to business customers who wish to make payments by direct debit as part of their business transactions.
The most important differences between the SEPA Core Direct Debit Scheme and the SEPA Business to Business Direct Debit Scheme are:

  • In the B2B Scheme the debtor is not entitled to obtain a refund of an authorized transaction; this ensures certainty of payment for the creditor
  • The B2B Scheme requires debtor banks to ensure that the collection is authorized by checking the collection against mandate information; debtor banks and debtors are required to agree on the verification to be performed for each direct debit
  • A debtor bank cannot offer the scheme to a debtor who is a 'consumer' under the law of the country where that debtor bank is providing the payment service;
  • Responding to the specific needs of the business community the B2B Scheme offers a significantly shorter timeline for presenting direct debits and reduces the return period