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Corporate Social Responsibility



Distributed over all continents, GNT is involved on the development of the information systems of tomorrow. The long-term success of our company depends on our ability to meet the need for a safe, comfortable and efficient service in accordance with the market and in a profitable manner that also addresses environmental and social aspects. In this sense, the major part of GNT's success and at the same time the interest of its customers, employees, shareholders and other key stakeholders is assured. Information about Corporate Social Responsibility shows how GNT, as a full member of the Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility takes care of the human rights, labor, environmental and anti-corruption principles and assumes conscientiousness for various interest groups.



GNT Project

Green Network Technology is an IT Services & Software Engineering company, performing internationally, providing high quality services for more than 20 years.

Covering every stage of the project development with innovation and unique excellence, we are capable to meet the costumer specific requirements

Green Network Technology wants to work worldwide with universities and cooperates with industrial partners from different sectors such as the automotive, aerospace and telecommunications. In new developments, the environmental compatibility is taken into account, especially in terms of energy consumption.





What we believe

All the collaborators in Green Network Technology are determined to build a strong collaborative relationship with our clients. For that reason, we strive to complement our potential solutions with a desire to find the best added-value, to investment ratio to ensure the highest levels of customer service satisfaction.

"Intervene anywhere in the world"


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Work with us

GNT is convinced that only highly motivated employees can make customers happy and ensure commercial success. GNT has set a goal to be the favorite of the industry and more specifically the current time employer. To this end, numerous measures are been developed to capture the best people to keep and continue to ensure their development. In addition, we have for example on workplaces safe, healthy, progressive, annual training and encouraging employees to engage in political, cultural or charity.


Working with Green network Consultants means:

  • For the Commercial Client
    The guarantee of a framed service delivery, implemented by a qualified, experienced and competent team

  • For the Candidat
    The guarantee of a trustworthy relationship, based on confidentiality and respect for human rights, and access to large project