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"In my opinion, in March 2009, it was obvious that the market was" oversold. "However, it is clear that this increase was a major wave 2 which lasted longer than expected. Currently, everything is in place for a decline in equity markets in severe bearish wave 3. flagged lowest in March 2009 and beyond down severely. Certain models late 2012 to give a lower markets, others in June 2016 for a lower . Anyway it will be exciting to follow this historical evolution. must take advantage of this volatility by "surfing" on clear movements. markets index futures or Bear Funds (index trackers) such as SDS ProShares are among my favorite tools. I will be honored to keep you regularly informed of the situation. " 


 Mr. Hughes is a specialist technical analysis teaches that bank for 20 years, it has developed its own dynamic management models which give very good performance. Hugues OOSTERBOSCH teaches technical analysis, traders form of arbitration to the most sophisticated modern methods of Day Trading Room. He also gave a series of lectures very popular among asset managers and banks.

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Green network technology research with the desire to provide its customers with real expertise in their business, we organize training of two days for Traders arbitration or wealth managers room, we also hold a series of training courses depending on the level and profile of your employees.

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