Green Network Technology



Application management for maintenance applied to software.
Our teams now offer info-manage one or more applications for various purposes and for this we have the logistics and skills in computer engineering to carry on a TMA client site:

  • Creation of quality plan progress (commitment results)
  • Implementation methodologies and tools
  • Application maintenance (supervision lifecycle of software testing strategy)
  • Establishing a service center
  • Reporting tool
  • Technology watch



Green Network Technology is able to provide its logistics and skills to optimize the final acceptance of a project. A Third Party Software (TRA) includes the development of test methodologies and validation of functional and technical acceptance criteria related to various stages of a project.

It can be to deal with an application or a website (in this case, we call E-TRA). We propose a multi-year contract includes delivery methodology, repository, and proven tools.


Similarly, we propose a third application support. As well as the TRA.