Green Network Technology

Sustainable Energy

Wind turbines have got the non-negligible advantage that they have the potential to produce independent energy.

Biofuels help fight the global warming effects on the planet; it can fulfill 12 of the primary energy needs of the world.
Geothermal energy allows the capturing of energy found in the soil, and transforms it into heat that can be used in a normal household.


Renewable Energy

Renewable sources of energy are clear, safe and mostly inexhaustible. They can also be referred to as solar energy sources, as they all depend upon the sun.

For example:

  • Solar power uses the sun's power directly
  • Wind turbines use the wind
  • Hydraulic power uses water
  • Geothermal power uses soil
  • Biofuels use nature

It has become essential to develop renewable energies in order to fight the greenhouse gas effect and start preparing for the replacement of fossil fuels (such as petrol).


Other Energy


  • Control of investments (heavy in the case of coal and dams)
  • Optimization of operation (power plants: performance, power: the valleys, wind: the pipe networks ...)
  • Management of industrial assets (monitoring, maintenance and extension of the useful life)
  • Consideration of constraints and opportunities for production optimization energy portfolios
  • Compliance with environmental and safety constraints

Industrial performance (TPM, Six Sigma ...), Maintenance, Risk Management, Data Management techniques and materials, Optimization and Sustainability of SI.

Our Activities:

  • General Contractor
  • Energy, Nuclear and Environment Advise Engineer
  • Nuclear and Maintenance Technician
  • Research and Development Engineer
  • Nuclear Physics Specialist
  • Fossil Fuels Specialist



Nuclear Research

Sustain the current nuclear industry

Finding efficient and acceptable solutions to the problem of waste management, which has high activity levels and a long life-span. It will also be important to better understand the impact of nuclear activity.
We are particularly involved in the nuclear energy sector. This is an area in which the quality of the information system is a critical issue and has several different impacts

Conceive and evaluate new generations of nu- clear systems (reactors and cycles).


Energy & Nuclear

Availability of facilities, performance of industrial processes, planning campaigns production, scheduling and process optimization, knowledge and fine modeling materials for processing, safety and security facilities.