Green Network Technology


Our enthusiasm translates itself through our friendliness, the love for our work and the commitment of our collaborators on their projects

An international-sized firm that imposes itself in terms of competencies, quality of services and reputation

Loyalty is one of the foundations of our reputation: this is reflected by internal and external trust

We opt for an open attitude with a transversal vision, which is applied to all markets and technologies

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Green Network Technology is based on a long-term vision and a coherent global strategy, taking into account the environment.

Our objective is simple: to meet the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders to the development of the company, taking into account environmental and cultural aspects of the planet.

Thereby, through its Sustainable Development Strategy, Green Network Technology strives for equity and operating modes that promote the sustainability of its activities, and we consider our customers as our first shareholders.


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Should be understood as the results to be achieved, whatever activity.

The Green Network Technology has as its objectives (Green Network Technology 2013):

  • Increase turnover by 16%, during the year 2014;
  • Improving human capital in over 160 specialized people (engineers, research & development partnerships with research institutes) and integration of public and private until 2016.

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