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Is a small island country situated near the western shores of the Persian Gulf. It is an archipelago with Bahrain Island, the largest land mass, at 55 km long by 18 km wide. Bahrain has the first "post-oil" economy in the Persian Gulf because the Bahraini economy does not rely on oil. Since the late 20th century, Bahrain has heavily invested in the banking and tourism sectors. The country's capital, Manama is home to many large financial structures. Bahrain has a high Human Development Index (ranked 48th in the world) and was recognized by the World Bank as a high income economy.


Why Business in Bahrain?

We are committed to maintaining the region's most liberal business environment, with zero taxation for private companies, few indirect taxes for private enterprises and individuals, and free repatriation of capital. We are also the only country in the region offering 100% foreign ownership of business assets and real estate in most sectors.  Unlike any other Gulf country, Bahrain has a fully liberalize telecommunications sector. As a result, Bahrain is ranked the 12th most open economy worldwide by the Heritage Foundation and Wall Street Journal's 2013 Index of Economic Freedom. Bahrain has a track record as a modern international business economy stretching back several decades. Our financial services sector has been thriving for 40 years and was recently judged the Gulf's most sophisticated financial market. Our workforce is the most educated and skilled in the Gulf. This means you can minimize spending on expatriate packages and build a long-term, sustainable local workforce. For example, Bahrainis comprise two thirds (66%) of the financial services workforce, according to the Central Bank of Bahrain (2010).