Green Network Technology


Our offer TV services ensures the optimization of your systems and problems, they are corrected even anticipated in real time by our Service Centre.

In a secure environment, our platform is able to offer any type of television services and our offer can give you a 24 hours * 7 support and all our services are accompanied by monthly reports with statistics.




Outsourcing function

We take care of the functions provided by the IT department, for example:

  • Operation
  • Administration Databases
  • Help Desk


Outsourcing solutions

Information is the raw material of the financial industry. Almost everything is based on the information system, and remains consistent regardless of the job.

Therefore, an integration project covers many aspects. The selection of the team is very often crucial for the success of the project.


Managed Application

Green Network Technology refines its expertise in project management:
In all projects that Green Network Technology is requested, we favor the application of a few simple rules and efficient pilotage.

To meet various business concerns, the Green Network Technology Group has developed a range of services around several axes.

Whatever the service, we initiate a team that definitely puts the client side to guide and assist objectively.


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Application management for maintenance applied to software.
Our teams now offer info-manage one or more applications for various purposes and for this we have the logistics and skills in computer engineering to carry on a TMA client site:

  • Creation of quality plan progress (commitment results)
  • Implementation methodologies and tools
  • Application maintenance (supervision lifecycle of software testing strategy)
  • Establishing a service center
  • Reporting tool
  • Technology watch



Green Network Technology is able to provide its logistics and skills to optimize the final acceptance of a project. A Third Party Software (TRA) includes the development of test methodologies and validation of functional and technical acceptance criteria related to various stages of a project.

It can be to deal with an application or a website (in this case, we call E-TRA). We propose a multi-year contract includes delivery methodology, repository, and proven tools.


Similarly, we propose a third application support. As well as the TRA.



For relations between the Bank and its customers are increasing more and more, information provided by the two partners become increasingly important as their volumes by quantities.

The information quality, reliability, relevance and authenticity are determinative of the decisions taken by the two sides elements.

  • The client must be able to provide clear and precise information about the orders to execute; it must also know the legal and regulations governing its transactions.

  • The bank in turn, must provide all information relating to the activity of his client.

Our offer: To enable businesses to communicate with the bank as simply as possible, you need a banking software and a modem.

We can offer you a comprehensive solution that can meet your needs.