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Cloud Services

From your desktop, to our datacenter, to your device, GNT cloud services can offer you the most secure, scalable and reliable performance.
Our cloud service is high-quality and achieves first-rate management standards ensuring our clients expectations on a security focused service organization. Our specialized and experienced consultants are engaged on assisting your company on a suitable solution and advise you on monitoring, operation and administration.

Cloud Benefits
Disaster Recovery The recovery of data of your business is simplified with virtual machine replicas and GNT’s recovery services.
Increase Productivity GNT cloud services simplifies onsite IT infrastructure and reduces IT tasks. This will give you the chance to focus on you core business instead of worrying about technology infrastructure.
Mobility You can have contact to your data wherever you are as long you have internet access, giving you the possibility to work everywhere.


Hosting Services

GNT hosting services offers amplified performance and superior security at a affordable price for organizations requiring a lower cost of expenses. Our data center grants you from infrastructure platform up to the operating system, the application server or inclusive of the application with optional end user support.
Our qualified staff is aware of the threats against Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability that is worrying the population nowadays, so to diverge that problem we deliver a proactive monitoring, continually security and managed platform service, so we can identify and resolve this and other kind of issues quickly and efficiently.

Disaster Recovery (Data Backup)

Most of the actuality businesses are dependent on technology and to maintain the reliability of it, your company has to stay compliant, avoid losses and preserve data integrity. In that way, GNT presents a Disaster Recovery service.
This is a cost effective solution that's design, managed and deployed by experts that are available 24/7, 365 days a year. Our Disaster Recovery service will guarantee the safety of your most valuable information and applications through Data Backup.

Telecommunication & Network Services

Telecommunications network is a collection of terminal nodes, links and any intermediate nodes which are connected so as to enable telecommunication between the terminals.
The transmission links connect the nodes together. The nodes use circuit switching, message switching or packet switching to pass the signal through the correct links and nodes to reach the correct destination terminal.
Each terminal in the network usually has a unique address so messages or connections can be routed to the correct recipients. The collection of addresses in the network is called headdress space.
Benefits of Telecommunications and Networking
Telecommunications can greatly increase and expand resources to all types of people.
Computer Network: Information can be transferred from one device to the next. For example, an office filled with computers can share files together on each separate device.
Internet Network: Access to the network allows users to use many resources. This will enable users to discover information almost instantly and apply concepts to different situations.
Businesses in particular use the Internet network for research or to service customers and clients.
Telephone Network: The telephone network connects people to one another. This network can be used in a variety of ways. Many businesses use the telephone network to route calls and/or service their customers. Some businesses use a telephone network on a greater scale through a private branch exchange. It is a system where a specific business focuses on routing and servicing calls for another business.

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