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Telecommunications network is a collection of terminal nodes, links and any intermediate nodes which are connected so as to enable telecommunication between the terminals.
The transmission links connect the nodes together. The nodes use circuit switching, message switching or packet switching to pass the signal through the correct links and nodes to reach the correct destination terminal.
Each terminal in the network usually has a unique address so messages or connections can be routed to the correct recipients. The collection of addresses in the network is called headdress space.
Benefits of Telecommunications and Networking
Telecommunications can greatly increase and expand resources to all types of people.
Computer Network: Information can be transferred from one device to the next. For example, an office filled with computers can share files together on each separate device.
Internet Network: Access to the network allows users to use many resources. This will enable users to discover information almost instantly and apply concepts to different situations.
Businesses in particular use the Internet network for research or to service customers and clients.
Telephone Network: The telephone network connects people to one another. This network can be used in a variety of ways. Many businesses use the telephone network to route calls and/or service their customers. Some businesses use a telephone network on a greater scale through a private branch exchange. It is a system where a specific business focuses on routing and servicing calls for another business.

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