Green Network Technology

Data Center

Our new Data Center is built to offer the highest possible levels of performance and resilience. Designed to provide the best environment for your data, it offers you smart and strong security. This is data security you can trust.




The new data center will take advantage of the latest technologies and building practices to assist with our strategy for controlling and, where ever possible, reducing consumption and emissions during the lifespan of the site.


In order to achieve an uptime institute TIER III rating, the new data centre will operate to an N+1 power delivery infrastructure. This includes all feeds, delivery routes, transformers, switching boards and power distribution units.




Our new facility will deploy the most effective conditioning and cooling systems based on the location and operational requirements of the site, and the technologies and methodologies available at this time. This will be deployed and managed, as with all other services, to N+1 in order for the site to achieve a tier III accreditation.




The new Data Centre is carrier independent, both in terms of the use of providers for our own network connectivity and in the choice of providers available to our clients.




Physical security at the data centre site is taken very seriously and we utilize the latest technology to provide total reassurance and peace of mind for all our clients.