Green Network Technology

Green Network Technology And Islamic Finance

Today, we are witnessing a change of legislation in favor of Islamic finance, Green network is among the first companies to offer solutions in Islamic Finance, our skills are numerous, our intervention in this context can take many forms:

Development / financial innovation

Our team participates in the development of new financial products compliant with sharia ', with the aim to provide solutions to a diverse clientele while remaining within the framework of Sharia' and its principles. The goal is not to sell these products, but to offer them, after certification of a Sharia board, Financial institutions with knowledge but also the quality required for the distribution of such products.

Advisor banking / finance

We also work as a consultant in Banking/Finance; our various consulting assignments in large groups allow us to assist banks in their development strategies, intensifying their networks and / or installation of new agencies.

Consultancy / SSII

We intend to make our solutions support as IT companies, we work to design solutions tailored to the needs, as well as software distribution solutions ensuring their existing adaptations to different environments.
Ultimately, Green network intends to intensify its activity Banking / Finance and create a department dedicated to Islamic Finance, and participate in the development of this activity in France and abroad.