Green Network Technology

For the client

Green Network Technology is human sized, made of qualified HR specialists, coming from a range of industries. Our objective is to assist the evolution of our clients systems, in order to achieve the best added value / investment ratio.

To do so we adopt a two-fold strategy:

  • Using the best practices available: We use methods (Merise, UML, etc.) and tools (Automatic Programming, Test Automation, File Management, etc.) currently available on the market;
  • Helping firms who wish to innovate.

We will offer you a customized contract with a single point of contact (HR Specialist) to ensure our relationship is based upon trust and a privileged human partnership.

The operational expertise of the consultants in charge of the recruitment process allows us to evaluate accurately the technical capabilities of the candidates, appreciate their professional career and analyze their motivations.


You want to recruit a collaborator?

After a deepened study of your needs, we will define together the criteria of the position, the ideal profile of the candidate and the competencies you are looking for whilst bearing in mind your requirements and work methods. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.